Dick Webb


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Dick is not from around here.  He was born and raised in the snow capital of the world, Syracuse, NY.  As a young lad he picked up the guitar, and started actually playing it a couple of years later.

His guitar playing career got off to an auspicious start with his first band, playing a grand total of one time to an audience of several.

But things did get better.  He made appearances on local TV with a couple different bands and played some of Syracuse’s hot spots during the 60′s and early 70′s.

Always technically inclined, Dick also served two of Syracuse’s better known bands as soundman before deciding to take a long vacation from the music biz.  When he did start playing again, it was strictly in a church setting.

Towards the end of the 90′s Dick’s employer decided to move his company from Syracuse to Eastern North Carolina.  After considering the move for, oh, about ten seconds, Dick opted to do it.  His wife quickly agreed.

It was a difficult time for a while, trying to find the right church for the family.  During this time Dick met Dennis and Dana in the pre-biscuit days.  The trio spent a couple of years playing once a week at Dick’s house, but he eventually had to opt out of the weekly sessions due to increased commitments at church.

A chance encounter at a local Italian restaurant during the fall of 2009 resulted in Dennis asking Dick if he was interested in playing a New Years Eve gig with the CBB.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Dick is occasionally known as SoaringSpider, and you can learn more about that here.